Battleship (May 2012)


Directed by:
Peter Berg

Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, Hamish Linklater

Release date:
Fri 18, May 2012

Budget               $209 million
Box office            $ 302,836,260

     Battleship is a 2012 American alien invasion science fiction naval war film inspired by the classic board game. The film was directed by Peter Berg and released by Universal Pictures. The film stars Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, and Tadanobu Asano.
The film was originally planned to be released in 2011, but was rescheduled to April 11, 2012 in the United Kingdom and May 18, 2012 in the United States. The film's world premiere was in Tokyo, Japan on April 3, 2012.


     In 2005, NASA discovers an extrasolar planet with conditions similar to Earth and transmits a powerful signal from a communications array in Hawaii. Meanwhile slacker Alex Hopper gets arrested while attempting to impress Sam Shane, daughter of United States Pacific Fleet commander Admiral Terrance Shane. Stone, Alex's older brother and a Commander under Shane, is infuriated by Alex's slackness and forces him to join the United States Navy. By 2012, Alex has risen to a lieutenant aboard the Arleigh Burke class destroyer USS John Paul Jones, while Stone is the commanding officer of USS Sampson. Alex is now dating Samantha, but due to disciplinary problems, is in danger of dismissal from his Naval Commission. The brother's two ships, along with others from other Pacific nations, are taking part in RIMPAC naval exercises near Hawaii.
     During the training exercise five alien spacecraft arrive in response to the NASA signal. One ship crashes in Hong Kong after colliding with a satellite during entry, while four others land in the water near Hawaii. Sampson, John Paul Jones, and the JMSDF Kongo class destroyer Myōkō investigate the strange structures sticking out of the ocean, but are then trapped when one of the ships power up a force field surrounding the Hawaiian islands. After the navy starts shooting, the aliens obliterate Sampson, sink Myōkō, and heavily damage John Paul Jones, killing the commanding and executive officers. Meanwhile the alien flagship (with the force field generator) launches 3 spheres which land on the island destroying everything in their path. Hopper, as the most senior officer left on the ship, takes command. He recovers some survivors from Myōkō, including Captain Nagata, who has an idea to use the tsunami warning buoys around Hawaii to track the invisible-to-radar aliens. The crew also recovers an injured alien, which gives them a chance to investigate their armor and physique. The alien is rescued by others of its species and one stays behind to destroy the ship, but Hopper lures it in front of the John Paul Jones deck cannon and it is killed. However, the encounter leads the crew to realize that the aliens are sensitive to sunlight.
     During a night battle, the aliens and the humans exchange shots just like the "Battleship" board game. The John Paul Jones sinks two alien ships but is unable to locate the third. Hopper remembers that the aliens were sensitive to sunlight and he decides to lure the third alien vessel close to shore, where he and Nagata shoot out its bridge windows at sunrise, blinding the aliens. In the ensuing battle both ships are destroyed.
     Meanwhile, another group of aliens have taken over the communications array and preparing to signal their home planet. Nearby, Sam, a physiotherapist, is taking Army veteran and double amputee Mick Canales on a hike to help him get used to his prosthetic legs. They run into scientist Cal Zapata, who is fleeing from the overrun array facility. Cal reluctantly agrees to go back for a radio so they can contact the John Paul Jones. Later, when the John Paul Jones is destroyed, the three attack the alien camp and buy more time for it to be destroyed. Fearing the aliens were calling in reinforcements, Hopper realizes they need to destroy the array, but since his ship was destroyed they will need to find another vessel. Returning to base, they realize the only ship left is a museum ship, the USS Missouri. Although mothballed years before, with the aid of the retired veterans preserving her, they are able to reactivate the engines and guns. The battleship engages the final alien ship and destroys the force field. With the last shell the Missouri takes aim at the communication array. At the same time Nagata notices an undamaged alien launcher arming on the crippled flagship. Nevertheless, Hopper uses the shell to destroy the array, leaving the Missouri defenseless. The flagship fires three Shredders at the Missouri, but before it can impact the battleship, Australian fighter jets from the RIMPAC fleet arrive and eliminate the alien vessel and the spheres, saving the ship and crew.
     A ceremony is held to honor the navy personnel. Stone is posthumously bestowed the Navy Cross, while Alex is awarded the Silver Star and is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He asks Admiral Shane for his daughter's hand in marriage. Though he refuses, the Admiral jokingly invites Hopper out to lunch to discuss the matter.
     After the credits, a scene set in Scotland shows three schoolchildren and a handyman running off in terror as an alien hand reaches out of an object they have just broken open which presumably broke off the communications ship.



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