Silent Hill 2 Revelation


Directed by:
Michael J. Bassett

Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington

Release date:
Fri 26, Oct 2012

      Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is a 2012 3D horror film directed and written by Michael J. Bassett and a sequel to the horror film Silent Hill. Revelation 3D stars Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington, Deborah Kara Unger, Martin Donovan, Malcolm McDowell, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Sean Bean, and is based on the survival horror video game Silent Hill 3 by Konami. Revelation 3D's plot follows teenager Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) who discovers on the eve of her eighteenth birthday that her presumed identity is false and as a result is drawn to an alternate dimension existing in the fictitious American town of Silent Hill.


      After the events of the previous film, Rose (Radha Mitchell) and Sharon (Jodelle Ferland) seemingly find themselves trapped in Silent Hill. Rose decides to contact Chris (Sean Bean) through a mirror who tells him about a portal that could lead one of them out of the Silent Hill world. She chose to stay and send Sharon back to the real world since the cult is after her. Chris swears to Rose to protect their daughter at all costs for the town, and its inhabitants will come looking for them. Sharon, yielding an amulet, returns to the real world and is told by Chris how her mother died in a car accident, since Sharon can't remember anything.
      At present, Sharon Da Silva (Adelaide Clemens), now a teenager, moves from place to place with her father Christopher Da Silva . They have both changed their names to Heather Mason and Harry Mason, respectively, in order to evade the evil cult that has been tormenting them for years. Heather is still having the same recurring nightmares she had as a child. Her recent nightmare is that of her in the amusement park of Silent Hill, while being confronted by the evil Alessa and setting Heather on fire.
      While on her way to school, Heather is approached by a man named Douglas Cartland (Martin Donovan), who asks her regarding his identity. Heather shrugs him off and catches a bus. She later bumps into Vincent (Kit Harrington), a guy she met in her first day of school, when her reality shifts bizarre. She later spots Douglas on her way out of school and calls her father, who is being abducted by an intruder in their home. She is later cornered by Douglas as she is runs away from the monsters in the alternate world, while waiting for her father in a mall. He remorsefully reveals to her that he is a private investigator hired by the cult to find her and her father. However, Douglas is killed and dragged away from Heather, while trying to pull him inside an elevator. Discovering Douglas dead body in the real world, she flees the scene as she knows she could be pointed out as the main suspect.
      Heather goes home, only to see their house to be ransacked and sees a painted wall message to go to Silent Hill. She collects an amulet and a box containing a journal that explained everything her father knew about Silent Hill and flees along with Vincent, not long enough before the cops arrive to arrest Heather. They drive to Silent Hill where Heather reads a note Chris left her writing about a cult member he killed few years ago who’s after Heather and how he couldn’t let her go back to Silent Hill. Meanwhile, Vincent reveals his true identity: he is the son of the cult leader Claudia Wolf (Carrie-Anne Moss) and the grandson of Leonard Wolf (Malcolm McDowell). He was sent to bring Heather back and was told his whole life about how evil Alessa is, but realizes that he can’t bring Heather to the cult since she’s the good left in Alessa’s soul. The world starts melting away into the alternate dimension right as Vincent tells her that she is the one capable of doing it since she is linked to Alessa. Vincent is grabbed by a monster and Heather is knocked unconscious.
      She wakes up only to find herself in Silent Hill where she recognizes Alessa’s mother Dahlia (Deborah Kara Unger) in the foggy streets. Heather asks her about her father’s whereabouts and the other half of the amulet, to which she mentions Leonard Wolf and the Asylum. After parting ways, Heather hides in a building with mannequin parts and saves a girl from the monsters but are both separated as the girl gets dragged away to her death.
Meanwhile, Vincent is denounced as a traitor by the whole cult for trying to save Heather. However, despite him turning against the cult, he still succeeded in his mission: to bring Heather back to Silent Hill, so they can finally destroy Alessa. Claudia then orders his men to take Vincent to the Asylum to be “cured”.
      Heather battles another creature on her way to the Asylum to find for the other half of the emblem but is grabbed in a corridor by imprisoned patients not long before Pyramid Head arrives only to chop off the patient’s arms (since Sharon is part of Alessa, Pyramid Head is compelled to protect her). She is then greeted by the blind Leonard who tells her how his own daughter, Claudia, locked him up since she thought he was “infected” with darkness and explains how she is worse infected than him. Heather reluctantly hands him the amulet since his body contained the other half. Leonard rams the amulet and is transformed into a monster but is the defeated by Heather who extracts the whole amulet from his chest. Heather finds Vincent strapped in a gurney in a room surrounded by undead nurses. Heather starts unlocking his chains which makes the nurses move but they managed to mislead them by pushing the gurney in another direction. They flee and arrive to the carnival where Chris is being held captive by the cult but is blocked by Claudia’s guards. Vincent then decides to sacrifice himself and kisses Heather not long before he distracts the guards.
      She reaches the carnival and is soon confronted by the evil Alessa, and ensue a fight for dominance where the amulet is put back together. Heather soon finds the cult along with Claudia, Vincent, and Chris where Claudia explains how she was brought back to not only to destroy Alessa but to also give birth to their God who will cleanse the world of sin. Chris blood will be used to raise the God and Heather will be the “incubator” to bring it into the world which Heather thinks is insane. As Claudia retrieves the amulet, the spirit of Alessa channels out of Heather and into Claudia, transforming her into a grotesque monster. She tries to kill Heather, but Pyramid Head intervenes and swings his blade into Claudia’s head, decapitating her.
      Heather, Chris and Vincent walk back into the middle of town where ashes have stopped falling as Heather states how things will change in Silent Hill since the cult is destroyed, and Alessa got her justice. Chris reveals he will be staying in Silent Hill to find Rose and tell Heather drive off the town and be free. They part ways as Heather and Vincent watch Chris walks into the fog into Silent Hill, desperate to save Rose.Heather and Vincent walk out of Silent Hill and back into the real world where they hitchhike from a man who introduces himself as Travis Grady (Peter Outerbridge). He drives the two away from the town while several police cars and a prison bus travel into Silent Hill as the sky turns into grey ash.



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