Taken 2


Directed by:

Olivier Megaton

Liam Neeson

Release date:
Fri 05, Oct 2012

     Taken 2 is a 2012 English-language French action film directed by Olivier Megaton which stars a wide international cast including Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen and Rade Šerbedžija. It is the sequel to the 2008 film Taken, and was released on 3 October 2012.


     After the events in Paris in Taken, relatives of the men whom Bryan Mills (Neeson) killed while searching for his daughter, Kim (Grace), return to their hometown, Tropojë, Albania, for the dead men's funeral. During the ceremony, Murad (Šerbedžija), the employer of the men and father of Marko, a victim whom Bryan killed by electrocution, states that they will find Bryan to avenge the deaths of their loved ones.
      When arriving at Kim's home to take her on a driving lesson, Bryan learns from her mother Lenore (Janssen), who is currently having relationship problems with her husband, that Kim is not there and that she has a new boyfriend. After Lenore's husband cancels their holiday to China, Bryan suggests that Kim and Lenore join him in Istanbul after he has finished a work assignment there. After being led to believe that they have not taken him up on the offer, Bryan is surprised to find that Kim and Lenore have indeed flown out to join him.
Later, after lunching in the marketplace, Kim stays behind at the hotel in an attempt to help her parents rekindle their relationship. While Bryan and Lenore are out, they are pursued by Murad's men, and, despite Bryan's efforts, Lenore is captured, forcing Bryan to surrender. Before he does so, he calls Kim to explain the situation and tells her to hide. With advice from Bryan, she is able to evade the kidnappers.
      Bryan wakes up with his hands tied to a pole in a dark room. Using a communications device that he has hidden in his sock, Bryan calls Kim, instructing her to go to the US Embassy and tell them what happened, but she begs for a chance to help him and Lenore, which he decides to give her. Under Bryan's guidance, she opens up his weaponry suitcase and throws a live grenade out of the window. Bryan uses the time it takes for the sound of the explosion to to reach him in order to deduce his location. He then has her take a gun and two more grenades and travel towards his location via the rooftops, while he frees himself from his restraints. Bryan then sends steam up a chimney to pinpoint his location, and Kim drops the gun down the chimney, allowing Bryan to use it to kill the guards and escape the building, leaving Lenore behind while he rescues Kim, who is being chased.
      Bryan later returns, intending to rescue Lenore, but he is unable to do so as she has already been taken away. This forces Bryan and Kim to drive through the city in a stolen taxi while being chased by Murad's men and the police, who were summoned by the taxi driver. The chase ends with Bryan and Kim's crashing through a military checkpoint leading into the US Embassy. Bryan calls Sam (Orser), a friend and former CIA colleague, and has him call off the embassy guards. Having memorized the route the kidnappers used when they first took Bryan and Lenore to Murad's safe house, he returns to the building and kills the men guarding Lenore before confronting Murad. After confirming with Murad that his two remaining sons will want revenge should Bryan kill him, Bryan offers to let him walk away if Murad leaves Bryan and his family alone. Murad seemingly agrees, and Bryan drops his gun, but when his back is turned, Murad grabs the gun and attempts to shoot Bryan, only to discover that Bryan has emptied the magazine. Murad attempts to attack Bryan, but Bryan pushes him against a wall, impaling him on a towel hook and killing him instantly. Bryan then reunites with Lenore.
      Three weeks later, the Mills family eats at a café to celebrate Kim's passing her driving test. They are joined, much to Bryan's surprise, by Kim's boyfriend Jamie, and Kim jokingly asks her overprotective father not to shoot him.



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